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We can only make a difference because of people like you!

Help us with our mission and join us today.

What opportunities are there?

Could you offer a smile and support

to women who are at risk?

Safe and Sound Dorset relies on the generosity, understanding and kindness of our volunteers. Whether we are delivering food boxes, hosting fundraising events, or even organising our popular craft sessions, our volunteers are always there to support us and make it all possible. But, we would love to help more women and to do that, we need more volunteers to come alongside us. Whether you can commit to help on a regular basis or even just once/twice a all makes a difference. A little kindness can be a lifeline for some of the women we support.

Volunteering for our charity is an incredibly valuable way to support the work we do and to increase our effectiveness in the community.

There are many ways of getting involved in our team and to help us do more of what we love to do.

Many of our volunteers use their professional skills, hobbies and interests. We will work with you to ensure you fit your skills, hobbies and interests into suitable volunteering hours within our weekly timetables and schedules.

Any amount

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