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Jemma – “The Precious Stone” Fund


The meaning of Jemma is "precious stone".

Jemma Katharine Smart 1984- 2021

We are heart-broken to lose lovely Jemma.

Jemma was a much loved mother, daughter and sister. Jemma is cherished by her friends and will always be remembered.

Jemma completed a Restart programme with TheHorseCourse earlier this year. She gained a great deal from the programme and volunteer scheme, including increased confidence and a sense of purpose.

Jemma, we miss you so much. Your smile and happiness always shone through. You embraced life to the full and we loved you and your excitement of life.

With love from us all at Safe and Sound Dorset

Jemma’s Fund

Jemma valued and enjoyed feeling part of a community and often expressed how beneficial our services were to her. She especially loved our outreach contact and she enjoyed horse therapy and nature days.

‘Nature and equine therapy benefits people of all ages, especially those with memory-related illnesses. Hugging a pony or walking with a horse can trigger a memory, promote an emotional connection, or foster a smile, all of which can be the motivation needed to keep going and encourage positive change.’

Jemma’s Fund set up by Safe and Sound Dorset is dedicated to supporting women. Offering this therapeutic intervention with animals and nature, can have a profound positive benefit on both physical and mental health and well-being.

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