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‘I live on my own. There are other people in the other flats in the house , only I rarely see them.

I like to sit outside in the front garden where I can see flowers, bees and trees. I planted some plants to help the insects and bees.

It helps me feel that I am real. That I have one something that makes a difference.’

‘I came through the lockdown better than I thought I would to be honest. I think it changed me a little. It has made me realise that God has given us for free all this beauty. I watched as seasons came and went. As Spring turned into Summer and Autumn turned into Winter.’

‘To watch plants grow it’s an education. We see the shoots popping above the ground, then we see the stalks, eventually the flowers or vegetables that we have planted. It gives satisfaction to know that we were able to produce something. And with our care something lovely have emerged ‘


‘WOW! What a year…never before and never again, I hope!

At first, I felt fearful. What was going to happen? Who was going to be lost to us forever? Everything has shut down!

We were stuck in our bubble in the house – a safe place. Nothing could get us here!

Then the sun came out and we ventured out for a walk each day. It was strange to walk with 2 metres between everyone; we greeted strangers as if they were long lost friends. ‘


‘Walking by the sea is lovely. Very relaxing and calming. Putting my mind and body at peace. Walking into Boscombe gardens is very relaxing and calming, especially coming to an end, coming up to Boscombe Pier.

I can also come in contact with other human beings on the way, which also puts me in touch with nature . ‘

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