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We do not want anyone to feel alone or to struggle in silence. The times we are facing only add to the struggles and issues that we already have. 

We would love you to feel included in our community.

Although we cannot meet face to face during lockdown, we CAN meet online. Join our

Safe and Sound Dorset Creative Community

Facebook page where we interact with each other and have ZOOM and Facebook live sessions.

Our therapeutic sessions are available for women with long- term cycles of homelessness or other long-term issues, such as: depression, anxiety, anger and low self-esteem.


These sessions are 40 minutes to an hour long, focusing on each person's individual needs on a one-to-one basis. We do not give advice, but take a person-centred approach to help people find strategies for coping and working at their own pace for a greater sense of well-being.

Talking helps to ease and alleviate the pain.  It makes you feel better.

Our mental health depends on us being able to verbalise our feelings and emotions without the use of aggression.

Adults carry many burdens on their shoulders and much of it is overwhelming. Overwhelmed with work, school, children, family obligations, relationship issues, bills, and other financial issues can all lead to depression, stress anxiety, and other forms of mental illness.

Sharing problems is especially important for happiness because that helps to free up your mind. If you do not share your problems with others, it could affect your mental health.

A problem shared is a problem halved!  We are here for you; you are not alone. 

Talking to someone can help you…

  • look at the problem in a new or different way

  • release built-up tension 

  • identify options or solutions you had not thought of before.

Ways to express feelings….

  • Set aside time for yourself

  • Write about how you feel

  • Be Creative with arts and crafts

  • Sing, play, or Listen to music

We cannot promise to fix all your problems. But we can promise you will not have to face them alone.

When you share your problems, it does not mean you are weak by any measure. What it indicates is your level of trust in Safe and Sound to be there with you.

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