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I only became aware of the charity ‘Safe and Sound Dorset’ when I tried to arrange contact with my daughter. I had not been able to arrange a face to face meeting with my daughter for over a year because she did not want me to see her living her lifestyle. However, I finally managed to meet with my daughter at the Art Café in Boscombe shortly actually on her 21st birthday. E asked me to meet her at the café because she had been meeting there recently and was given a meal and a drink. Then I met Safe and Sound Dorset manager and her dedicated team of carers. I remember feeling so welcome and so normal. One of the team wanted to ask me all about our experience so far, which was a little overwhelming at first. However, I managed not to have to say too much and answer questions that even I don’t have the answers to. The manager was open, nonjudgemental, caring, resourceful and great at listening, and offering words of support and encouragement. I can not express to you the lengths of despair and trauma this journey for us as a family has been, but finally I felt that ‘Safe and Sound’ allowed me to talk about the experience whilst safeguarding E. The Friday evening meal at the Art Café is the most wonderful idea. It allows isolated women to feel welcome, safe and cared for. It is often very dignified and we all eat together sharing stories and events of the past week. I have been to counselling before and have separated myself from E’s lifestyle in order to manage an effective coping strategy. However, meeting with E in a safe setting led by women who are aware of the challenges she faces on the streets has been priceless. It has made me less afraid and better able to manage risks for myself and my family. E has accessed the Friday evening meal and drink. E has also been provided with toiletries (, fresh sandwiches and a soft drink or water. The Art Café also gave E a breakfast every day for a while now and have enabled her to function with her basic needs being met. There have been several safeguarding incidents I have shared with the team and the relevant agencies and it always seems that the manager and her team is at hand to look for and locate E. Recently E had paramedics with her and I was with her son some distance away. I needed people to check on her safety and contacted the manager to see if she could see how serious the situation was. She contacted her team and they were able to provide support and comfort to E in a very difficult situation. I had also contacted social services but one person was on annual leave and the other did not leave the office. If it wasn’t for people like the manager and her team there would have been no one for E. Quite often services say people have to engage with services but that is easier said than done. ‘Safe and sound’ are the groundworkers meeting basic needs of providing food, warmth, and safety for vulnerable women on the streets. Perhaps it is because of this that women can be encouraged to engage with services. The rough sleepers team had eventually engaged with E and found her housing only this week. I had a call from social services who asked me to find E as quick as possible. It was the Safe and Sound Dorset team who had arranged to see E and took her to housing. I was told her social worker would not be available until a later time. The Safe and Sound team are flexible, work as outreach and fill the gap when social services can’t be available; after 5pm. E has been placed in housing, but there is no food provided and E has to wait for her money. So once again the team has contacted me and said that if E needs help with a shop a member of the team will do that. I went shopping for E and dropped her home to her new place and can help when I can but my priority is caring for her son. I love my daughter but she needs a lot of support. Unfortunately the addiction has divided the family and it is only myself that will continue to support E. I am and will always be eternally grateful for the support provided by ‘Safe and Sound Dorset’.

Any amount

"Okay I could ring you tomorrow? Just to let you know how I'm doing, see how your doing and to say thank you for everything you did, I think you brought GOD into my life and you helped get me to where I am today xx"


"Today was so precious I have had a really tough time with no heat or hot water at flat. I love the hoodie, they are like a warm accepting hug from the lovely women at Safe and Sound Dorset. Thank you so much for this fabulous charity and please thank Jam for the hoodie. I feel it is full of love and care. I feel safe and sound at the group, the journey to get to you can seem very scary. I have not laughed and had fun like I did today for a while. I know my friend loves it too and said it is so nice to have a place to go where she feels able to be herself as I do too."


"One thing that made her link up with you. She moved in to supported accommodation and you had left her a packed lunch and a note. She cried and said she didn't know people cared. Thank you for that, it changed her."


"I'm extremely likely to recommend friends or family to Safe and Sound Dorset.

You have been a really good help since I first ever came and would tell anyone to come if they ever need a chat."

"I can’t express enough how safe and sound has helped me. A group of mis matched women. Women. My self-identity was gender hatred. Not something I voice terribly often. I’m learning to love these girls, and myself. Getting an art pack is like Christmas and I love getting them. I feel valued and connected during lockdown, and now partial lockdown. Isolation comes so easy to me. But I feel 'thought of'.”


"The Craft Kits have helped much more than I would have believed. By all means pass on to whoever and thank everyone involved. They have really kept me hopeful and connected to people being kind and caring.”

"Having the food boxes over the last few months has been very helpful for me in many ways. It has helped me to see that I have not been forgotten. Knowing that Safe and Sound still care and that they are still with me come what may. I have felt safe in the knowledge that I would not go hungry, that our group is still going strong and giving hope and support to me has kept my spirits raised. I could not have asked for better support. Thank you very much.”

“Initially I resisted the idea. Independent soul that I am.

However, I found going out only once a week caused me pain.

The boxes do result in me believing someone cares. I have more energy to make meals because I am not stressed or exhausted from going out. It has got me to try fruit and veg I haven't been buying for myself. I have found I love plums and oranges which I have not eaten for years. It is something to look forward to and a surprise to see what is in there. I loved the recipe book and I would not have thought to make my own potato wedges, which I love. Also baked potatoes which I do love but find heavy to carry like apples.

The cotton bag and craft connect me to a community that puts love into action. This is a huge help as I have chronic pain and have been struggling physically and not feeling safe to go out. At least the parcel will keep me going when I am unable to get out. Knowing someone cares is massive. I can go days without seeing or speaking to anyone. It also helps with routine and getting dressed which I don't always do on other days.”


“I think the craft kit is a brilliant idea and a great way to connect at this time through the zooms that you organise.

It is proven that doing something creative greatly improves mental health issues that are prevalent at this time of great uncertainly.

Well done to all the Safe and Sound Dorset team.

We all love you. Thank you so much”

“I just got delivered the box… Once again, I’m impressed and very grateful for it. I feel like unwrapping Xmas presents… Thanks so much to all of you for making this!”

"My daughter moved in to supported accommodation and you had left her a packed lunch and a note. She cried and said she didn't know people cared. Thank you for that, it changed her."


I have no words to describe how AMAZING is this box. 😱


It is more than I expected, OMG! I can't believe it! Thanks so much🙏🏻

S. told me about vegetables and its way more than that.

 ALL vegetables and rice and I didn't expect also bread and pasta.


I would like to still receive it when you deliver them. I'll be very happy with vegetables, fruit and rice.

I am eating a clementine now, so nice.

Many many thanks again and I will read more about the butterflies artcraft 😍

Last thing, how often do Safe and Sound Dorset do this? 

"Thank u so much for everything u & all the guys u work with have been doing over the past year or so, actually the last year obviously has been hard & u guys were always about if I needed help, but really it's not just been over the last year has it? I mean u have been supporting me for years & years now & to be completely honest with u I truly don't believe I would be in the position I'm in now if u guys & the lady's from P's team were not there for me for all this time, so THANK U to everyone ur all amazing & I appreciate every last one of u & that is from the bottom of my heart xxxx"

"I shall be forever grateful to Safe and Sound Dorset.  It has played a massive part in my life.  They have been there with me throughout my recovery with alcoholism and given me a lot of support and encouragement .


 When I got my new flat they helped me to turn it into a beautiful,  comfortable home by donating lots of things.  The support team took me shopping and bought me numerous items for my new home.  Sheets, towels, Duvet and cover, pillows, crockery, kettle, mini oven, slow-cooker.  Then when people had donated items to the cause they  thought of me.  TV, Dressing table. Mats, clothing.  Numerous items. 


Safe and Sound Dorset has given me structure in my life giving me a place to go where I have met some wonderful friends who I chat to and have a laugh.  We sing sometimes and have times where we have nostalgic moments and we sometimes talk about how times used to be when we were kids and look back and laugh at some of the things we used to do with the way it was then. 


There is always something going on at Safe and Sound Dorset,  whether we are doing Arts and Crafts or colouring, workshops,  knitting,  sewing, crocheting .  We have days out  to nice places out in the country where we can see animals and interact with them. Its lovely.  My favourite is when we are doing Creative Writing with our lovely Katie.  You can learn a lot at Safe and Sound.  


Safe and Sound has done a lot to improve my mental health and wellbeing.   Without them  I would still be very lonely and probably still isolating myself.  


We are always greeted with a warm smile and lots of love.  We can ask for advice on lots of things and we are all treated with confidentiality and respect.


I love it!"


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