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Our drop-in creative sessions run four times a week where we engage in craft, DIY, art, health and well-being, and lots more. We eat together and there's access to a hot shower and a washing machine for anyone who needs it.

We offer advice for housing, education and employment, 1-1 mentoring and specialist help for things like Universal Credit online applications. With our 1-1 work we can support with personal appointments such as doctors, hospital, housing, prison, rehab and recovery, and court.

Working with women who are isolated or at risk

Evening street outreach

Our evening outreach is where we meet girls at their most vulnerable, offering support and signposting them to our sessions and other relevant services in the area.

We are passionate about seeing all women discover and realise their full potential, fully integrating and participating in society. We see the value of all women, and we work to build confidence in each other through community and creativity.

SASD supports women NEW STABLE white bac

Creative & Community sessions

Creative lifestyle sessions

Advice and support

Any amount

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