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We support women who are isolated or at risk, encouraging social inclusion, responsibility and personal choice.


Community initiatives that get to the heart of the need....


Building confidence through art and getting together



Meeting the girls at their most vulnerable 


Ukrainian refugee group @The Well Coffee Lounge


Our community hub, with great-tasting food and the best coffee in Boscombe!



Testimony no.1

What people say about us....

"I want to genuinely thank Safe and Sound Dorset for all the help and constant support I have received, in ways I didn’t expect. I have been helped, emotionally, mentally, in my self-esteem, practically (given an air-fryer, a heated airer and an electric blanket) and more. All the encouragement and opportunities I have been given also helps my children and our family as I am a better, more capable and present mum.


I have never experienced such a supportive group, so always available and compassionate. It’s very emotional for me to have been sustained in such a way, especially after such a crisis in my life. I have no end of gratitude to the team that makes this happen."

Testimony no.2

"The last year my life has changed the most it ever has. It's the happiest I have been since I can remember...the support and help from Safe and Sound Dorset charity built up my relationship with my family and made me feel not alone. You supported me when I needed it most and even when I was in prison. Going to rehab changed my life around COMPLETELY, I now can communicate with people, ask for help and actually start to build a life for myself. I have my first proper job, my own safe home and most importantly a relationship with my family and son."

Testimony no.3

I only became aware of the charity ‘Safe and Sound Dorset’ when I tried to arrangecontact with my daughter. I had not been able to arrange a face to face meeting with my daughter for over a year because she did not want me to see her living her lifestyle. However, I finally managed to meet with my daughter at the Art Café in Boscombe shortly actually on her 21st birthday. E asked me to meet her at the café because she had been
meeting there recently and was given a meal and a drink. Then I met Dot and her dedicated team of carers. I remember feeling so welcome and so normal. One of the team wanted to ask me all about our experience so far, which was a little overwhelming at first. However, I managed not to have to say too much and answer
questions that even I don’t have the answers to. Dot was open, non-judgemental, caring, resourceful and great at listening, and offering words of support and encouragement. I can not express to you the lengths of despair and trauma this journey for us as a family has been, but finally I felt that ‘Safe and Sound’ allowed me to talk about the experience whilst safeguarding E. The Friday evening meal at the Art Café is the most wonderful idea. It allows isolated women to feel welcome, safe and cared for. It is often very dignified and
we all eat together sharing stories and events of the past week. I have been to counselling before and have separated myself from E’s lifestyle in order to manage an effective coping strategy. However, meeting with E in a safe setting led by women who are aware of the challenges she faces on the streets has been priceless. It has made me less afraid and better able to manage risks for myself and my family. 

Testimony no.4

"I am writing this with regards to my involvement with Safe and Sound Dorset in the past year.
I was in a very bleak situation with my accommodation and was finding it a struggle to keep going. Safe and Sound Dorset was my rock in this time. However many times I missed a session, or could only stay an hour or so, The team didn't judge me and kept on asking me back. Just to get those texts each week meant that however much I was struggling, someone
was trying to reach out. I enjoyed the sessions and felt a real sense of all of us women helping each other - a hug or an offer of a cup of tea or coffee was our way of
reaching out to one another. The fact that it was a women's only space meant that during the session everyone felt safe and a rapport quickly built up during that afternoon.
It was great to get back into being creative - something that was impossible to achieve at my home at that time."

Testimony no.5

"A big, big Thank you for asking if Safe and Sound would give me a grant from your lovely group/charity. :-) I am so very, very grateful as I really really needed a bed to sleep on and in, it's so good I can't believe it.X I only had a broken sofa- bed in my flat and as a single lady on benefits. Oh they are so expensive. I needed an orthopedic one as I have scoliosis and arthritis due to Covid I had in July too. No proper sleep for months!! on my sofa thank you so much. Also, I just want to Thank you for putting me in touch with Shelter and Carl and James helped me with moving. I am so lucky to have had your help. You've been brilliant so much. "


Rewarding volunteering opportunities with us

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