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Volunteers are essential for us to meet the various needs of those we work for.

Lots of volunteering opportunities available...

Creative Community Sessions

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering in the 

Creative Community Sessions would be so helpful for both the session organiser and those who come along to the sessions to be creative. There is a fair amount of preparation, creative support and clearing up to do for each session.


Volunteering in the Outreach would mean going out as part of a team to meet women at their most vulnerable in order to give support with food, warm clothes/items, advice, and signposting, etc. Commitment needed would probably be just once a month on a Friday evening between 6pm and 10pm.

Delivery Drivers

Volunteering as a Delivery Driver, you would be supporting women who need food or other items delivered to them, especially during illness or, as we've had recently, lockdown.

Events & Fundraising

Volunteering in helping to organise Events & Fundraising activities is a key aspect in helping us raise the funding necessary to deliver a service to vulnerable women that helps them at their most vulnerable or in times of need.

Miscellaneous Opportunities

Miscellaneous Opportunities

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